FLORIDA HORSE PARK: Great new venue!

Kingsmeade made our first trip to the new, for us, venue in Ocala. We were more than impressed with the facility and management. Florida Horse Park is beautiful and spacious and everything was horse/rider friendly and well done. Stall and class fees were competitive and pay back was great! The jumps and courses were perfect and the office was well run, thank you Linus!!

We saw lots of our friends who were also attending the show and so had loads of fun. All the horses were very successful, with good competition.

Florida Horse Park is high on our list of places to visit again. And did I say, it’s only 80 miles from home!!


Six ladies and Jorge made the journey to the ESP horse show in Wellington. What a fun time we all had. Jorge did an incredible job with the horses and all the ladies! Everyone is always so welcoming at these shows, from office staff, in gate people as well as other trainers from the area. The ladies in the office are so nice and the small show bills keep you wanting to come back.

It was Emily’s birthday and we were all ready to celebrate! Kon Tiki was her choice for dinner and it didn’t dissapoint! Sushi and crispy duck were special and the appetizers were to die for. We were so happy to have Emily’s dad join us.

Everyone had a great show, the horses and riders were all successful. Guess that’s why we were there, but all those evenings together as a family were so fun too.

It was sad to say good bye, but we’ll see you in October!!