What an awesome two weeks! Lots of old and new friends to hang out with and the ponies and kids couldn’t have been better.

The ponies overnight with our friend AJ at the Blue Skies Riding Academy in Emerson, Georgia. We stop to visit with AJ every year coming and going. She takes such good care of the horses and ponies. Sparkles loves it cause she keeps the window stall for him so he can keep watch.

This year Kingsmeade staff took care of our ponies and six other ponies from all over the country. Bibby made the arrangements and Jorge et al did the work. We had ponies from California, Maryland, Pennsylvania and, of course, our Florida boys. It was so much fun to meet everyone and hang out.

There were lots of jumps for the kids to jump, bounce houses and of course FREE ICE CREAM! Bibby says free ice cream is the best part of pony finals. Faith Rupe jumped all the jumps everyday! All the vendors knew her and welcomed her to their establishments. The people who sold the Breyer horses and barns and minature jumps had a big barn with lots of horses and tack for the kids to play and seats for the parents to sit in to watch all the jumping. There were also some really cute rescued mini’s that everyone just loved.

Sparkles just loved all the attention he got! Everyone stopped and looked and inquired about him when he was out and about! Avery Franke hacked and jumped him and Faith Rupe did some trotting just to stretch his legs. He loved being out with the big boys and will be ready to come out Small Green for next year!!

The big week finally came and it was all up to Fred! He and Avery were 10th over all out of 160 after the model and hack! They also had a great round in the medal on Sunday!

It was sad for us to leave Bibby and Glen and all our new and old friends, but it was time to head back home.



We were blessed with two special occurrences over the weekend! Hannah and Mo tied the knot on Saturday. It was a very touching experience and everything was exquisite. Hannah is really special to us because not only has she grown up to be a very special person, but, she has been with Kingsmeade since she was 11!!

The second beautiful thing was the birth of Tavo and Maria’s daughter Brittany! She was born on Sunday morning at 10:06 am. St. Patrick’s day and the day after Hannah’s wedding! She is just as beautiful as her mom and the whole family is so excited!


How far is far? Try walking from Tent 1 to Ring 1!! After three weeks, our shoes, our grooms and our horses are worn out! Lack of electricity in tent 1 with temps in the high 80’s meant no fans and could have led to a rebellion, but Jorge, Ramon, Gaspar and Marucio held it together and did a great job! All the ribbons meant that the horses showed then went back to the barn. Then when the class is coming to the end, they had to return to the ring for the jog. Not complaining, mind you, everyone that competed got ribbons. Classes were really big and we’re proud of everyone!!

Caligua says he doesn’t care if he won, he’s not walking back!!

For these three weeks we had 13 horses and their families. You know you’re having fun when you are all sitting around in the dark snacking, talking and drinking wine. I think we really enjoy each other’s company and doing it all with horses too couldn’t be better. Everyone seemed to have a bottle of Kim Crawford and Wendy Shell, Wendy Rice and Susan Wright provided the snacks!! Wendy Rice even brought a Keurig one week. That was really nice in the mornings.


FOX LEA FARM is our home away from home! We love the people and the facility! We spent three weeks in Venice and were sad to leave. Don’t often hear that said of a horse show!!

We had lots of adults, which made for some fun late afternoons over a glass of wine and David Shell’s pita chips and humus, before going off to dinner. Wendy was kind enough to provide a spread, on several occasions, of cheese and meat and of course Dave’s chips and humus. Wendy is always so thoughtful and we really appreciate her generosity .

We found some nice new horses, news for another article, for a couple of adults. Everyone was very successful and were all so supportive of one another. We also had a few really nice young people and their mom’s. No one left until everyone was finished showing, so we could all be at the ring for support.