The Kingsmeade Family planned for months for this vacation/Horseshow. First, everyone needed to find accommodations and then we had to figure out how to get all the horses there. We ended up with 14 horses/ponies and all the families to go with them.  We stayed in cabins at the horse show, houses on the lake and KMF found a four bedroom on the green river.  We arranged to borrow Tim Gregson’s 7 horse trailer and we were set!

However, and this is where the castle comes in, about a week before we were to leave we got an email cancelling our reservation and got all our money back from the house we rented!! The green river had over run it’s banks and flooded the house.  Panic ensued!!

Melinda Courtland to the rescue!! Melinda is a new customer that had just moved in and SHE HAD A CASTLE that was for sale 20 minutes from the horse show.  So, we finally had it all, transportation and lodging.

     With 14 horses, we were going to need some serious help.  To the “A” team of Jorge, German and Kayla, we added a touch of youth.  We ask Maddy Murch and Avery Zwirn if they’d like to be working students for the two weeks.  We said take your time and think about it, it’s lots of work! The answer came back fast and a resounding YES!

We began or journey on Sunday and overnighted at our usual establishment, Blue Skies Riding Academy in Emerson, Georgia. The horses were tired and barely noticed the huge potbelly pig and goat that greeted them! We arrived in Tryon on Monday at about 1:30, with minimal problems other than a LITTLE GPS glitch.

We were so blessed with awesome people to hang out with; no drama, just fun, good riding and good food.  We sat around the salt water pool at the castle and drank wine, went to lots of cool restaurants; some on the horse show grounds, the kids did horseless horse shows, there was white water rafting, zip lining and golfing and we supported each other every day at the ring!!

     Did I mention we horse showed too!  Let me tell you about our kids!  I tried to keep it a secret, but the kids scoped it out, there was a $10,000 pony derby!  This was a first for us and we loved it!  It was in the big stadium and McKenzie Casper was 6th on her borrowed mount Howie Do It and Maddy Murch was 7th on her pony Dashing Star!! We were so fortunate to meet up with old friends from Pony Finals last year.  Christina and Avery Franke and their pony Sassy joined us for the second week.

     We had an awesome two weeks, with champions and reserves galore!  Each horse or pony earned at least one blue ribbon and  was either champion or reserve!   There were so many ribbons it was hard to find space to hang them! We managed though!



We were a bit sad to leave, but we did miss home.  You can’t always live in a castle, fairy tales aren’t real you know.  Or…?