Happy Halloween From Your KMF Family!


Recognize that turnout paddock?  Know which horse that might be, grazing in the background?  Spooky things happen this time of year – but never fear!  The farm is in good hands.   Our horses and ponies couldn’t be going better.  The 2015 show season is nearly at an end: be sure to check the show calendar and join us for CFHJA Zone Finals in Tampa next week, followed by Venice Fox Lea the weekend of November 13-15.  And hard to believe as it is, the new show season gets underway in December.  So get ready – between our fabulous adults and altogether outstanding pony riders, we’re sure to have a record-breaking, blue-ribbon-winning, division-conquering 2016!

P.S.  Be sure to press the button and add the music to the pic, above – you’ve got to have some atmosphere this time of year!