Training Board

TRAINING BOARD at Kingsmeade includes:

  • All the services provided by FULL CARE, plus:

  • Each horse thoroughly groomed three times per week, including

    • Mane pull
    • Ears and nose clipping/trims
    • Mane training (braided over)
  • Three professional training rides for your horse each week.

  • Post-ride care and grooming, which includes

    • Cool down
    • equestrian images horse with wrapped legs

      Hair and coat conditioners and moisturizers applied to ensure the proper ph balance of the skin and coat.

    • Hoof dressing and conditioning with turpentine and Effol.
    • Legs wrapped as needed.
  • Leg protection

    • We use the very best in equine leg protection equipment during all workouts, including bell boots, splint boots and hind boots.
  • Rates and Charges

    • Training Board: $1,150.00 per month.