Barn Services

FULL BOARD at Kingsmeade includes:

  • Horses fed three times daily:

    • Feed is Manna Pro Performance; feed program is carefully tailored to each horse’s individual requirements.
    • Electrolytes and flax seed included in morning feed at no additional charge.
    • Hay is Timothy/Alfalfa, three flakes daily included.
    • A variety of supplements is available, again, carefully tailored to each horse’s requirements and condition.
    • Warm bran mash feed weekly, with mineral oil, every other week.  There is a small additional charge for mineral oil.
  • Horses turned out individually six days per week.

    • Large, all grass and safely (3-board style) fenced turn-out paddocks.
    • Horses fitted with bell boots before turn-out.
    • All paddocks quickly reached from main barn, making paddock supervision easy.
  • Veterinarian and Farrier Services

    • Kingsmeade staff arranges and oversees all veterinary, equine dental, farrier and other services for the convenience of our boarders at no additional charge.
  • Professional staff members live on the premises.

  • Rates and Charges

    • Full Board: $800.00 per month.
    • Any additional monthly charges will vary according to each horse and its conditioning and training regimen.