Support Staff

DSC_0292There is no success without sacrifice, determination and support – lots and lots of support.

Kingsmeade Farm is just that, a working farm.  There are tractors to repair, fences to mend, horses to feed, stalls to clean.  And then there are the lessons and training rides, the tack, the laundry, the vet and farrier appointments to schedule, the shows to enter, the staff to manage – it goes on and on, 24/7, 365.

In this enterprise, Clair is blessed with the help of a strong and loyal family, but is especially blessed with the support and strength of her mother, Charlie Kellner.  Charlie and Clair have been beloved A-circuit regulars for years.  Long before Clair established a barn of her own, you rarely saw one without the other wherever elite competition was held.

And this is still true today.  At shows, you will see Charlie ringside, back at the tents, over in the office or anywhere in between, with a ready smile and always on the go.  At home, Charlie is out in the arena, in the office, on the phone or driving the trailer, still smiling, still on the go, 24/7, 365.